Rules of Secrecy

A new highlight by Ueberreuter Verlag in Germany!

regeln des schweigens

RULES OF SECRECY by Tino Schroedl

An exciting, mysterious and fast paced thriller about a secret club in the tone of Dead Poet’s Society.

A thrilling time begins for Phil after Mona – who he is madly in love with – introduces him to her friends. They are all members of a secret club. The group offers Phil a spot in, provided that he reveals something he has never told anyone before. It turns out that the club collects and manages other people’s secrets in order to have a better understanding of the world and a close bond between each other. But Matt, one of the members, is becoming power sick and wants to abuse the secrets for his purposes. The whole club is getting out of control. And somehow Phil has the feeling that all of the members are hiding something from him.

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