fiction 4-6


by Saša Stanišić and Günther Jakobs

Published by Carlsen

Reading aloud needs to be enjoyable for everyone involved – grandparents, babysitters, parents as well as kids – and that’s guaranteed in this humorous and thought-provoking tale in which a panda bear discovers his talent for making music. (Unfortunately, however, his musical instrument also just happens to be his favourite food.) He quickly finds out that playing music is only fun when friends play along. (Unfortunately, his friends are also panda bears, and they too like their instruments so much they could just eat them up!) Will they ever manage to put on a concert with everybody playing?


by Nanna Nesshöfer, Wiebke Rauers

Published by Carlsen

Gentle bedtime stories about a clumsy little bat

Because she’s a bat, Goway should actually be awake at night, but she finds the daytime a lot more exciting. For her and her little readers, every day becomes an adventure. But Goway’s clumsy, and that’s why she gets into all kinds of trouble.

• six witty stories that take an empathetic, sensitive look at children’s everyday lives

• kids are encouraged to try new things and not get discouraged even when things don’t work out right away

• this bat has the potential to become a series!


by Suza Kolb and Anja Grote

Published by Coppenrath

For all little thinkers and inventors!

Something unusual happens on Emil Einstein’s sixth birthday: first, his head starts to itch like crazy. And then he has an idea. A really good idea for an invention! Emil is soon tinkering away in his inventor’s laboratory, until the ingenious Animal Chat Machine is finished. Bertha the mouse and Leonardo the cat are delighted. At last, they can talk to Emil! But will the invention also help the injured little tawny owl who has lost his tree-hole home? Luckily, it isn’t long before Emil’s head starts to itch ominously once again… 

Start of a new series!

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RILLE (2 titles)

by Anke Girod and Caroline Opheys

Published by Thienemann-Esslinger

Who can roar so loud that the whole jungle trembles? Rilla, the little mountain gorilla with the enormous heart. He was supposed to be taken to a zoo. But after an emergency landing in the jungle, he finds a new home with the armadillo lady Tatu and the cheeky parrot Pepe. Rilla goes in a big raft ride with his friends, learning how wonderful it is to share his figs with them or to tell each other goodnight stories for hours. And that you are allowed to be angry or sad sometimes. That’s what good friends are there for.


by Chantal Schreiber and Iris Hardt

Published by Ellermann, Oetinger

Siblings Fanndis and Jon are visiting Grandpa Valdis’s farm in Iceland … and they spend the whole time arguing about absolutely everything. But then Grandpa Valdis tells them about an adventure had by two very special friends: Kappi and Skoppa. Two Icelandic foals who couldn’t be any more different, but who are the best of friends. Their story is funny, moving, and thrilling. Sothrilling that even Fanndis and Jon suddenly forget to argue. 

Finally a special horse adventure for kindergarten children, told with a lot of heart and wit by Chantal Schreiber, one of the most successful authors of horse books for children and young people.

CUDDLE FIN (7 titles)

by Nina Müller

Published by Magellan

Welcome to Fishtown and the adventures of Cuddle-Fin and his friends Sebi, Mr Boxfish, and Emmi the swimming strawberry. Whether it’s a spectacular journey to the mysterious reef, the bubble-blowing world championship, an unexpected gift that contains a little lost Slurpophant, a magical plant that ushers the friends from one gaming adventure to the next, a thief stealing letters to make alphabet soup, a shy witch in need of help, or making a deal with a luck-dragon to increase their chances to win the cake lottery – it most certainly never gets boring in this underwater world! 

More than 50,000 copies sold in Germany!


by Teresa Hochmuth and Julia Christians

Published by Magellan

For Emil, Advent season is the most beautiful time of the year. Unfortunately, his parents are so busy that not even a teensy tiny bit of Christmas spirit sets in – until Emil is gifted a magical ginger-bread house that transports him and his best friend Etta right into the bakery of Ginny the Gingerbread Fairy. And Ginny is in big trouble and desperate need of help: the most important ingredient, the one responsible for spreading the Christmas spirit, is missing! Together, Ginny, Emil, and Etta embark on a turbulent mission to save not only the gingerbread production but Christmas as well. 

An extraordinary Advent adventure with a dash of Christmas magic balancing tradition and modernity.