Hot topic – migrants and refugees!

The migrant and refugee situation in Europe has become a very important and strong topic and it is key for children to get some kind of understanding what is going on and if possible get an insight into the mind of a child who is in this horrible situation and what it means to them and their family.


MY FRIEND SALIM by Uticha Marmon (by the German publisher Magellan Verlag, published in summer 2015) is a book which describes the friendship of a brother and a sister with a young boy from Syria. He just arrived and doesn’t speak their language, but somehow they become best friends and the two try to help him get through being homeless, alone and unwanted by many. It’s an emotional, eye-opening and at the same time funny story about friendship. The title has just been voted in the top titles about refugees and migrants for children. Please follow the link below to the full list and just let me know if you are interested in further details.

Migrants and refugees in German children’s literature

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