young adult


by Hansjörg Nessensohn

Published by Ueberreuter

As he makes his way through the Italian pampas, there are a few things Paul wants to forget – especially Jonas, his former best friend. Jonas, who secretly outed him in a video. At least the 80-year-old hiker he meets has a story that distracts him … Summer 1957: Helmut and Enzo meet – and fall in love. That whole summer, Helmut, who is engaged at the time, struggles with these terrible yet beautiful feelings. Then it all ends in disaster: he is arrested and makes a mistake he can never forgive himself for. Is it ever possible to forgive someone who has betrayed you?Hansjörg Nessensohn tells a story of the courage to love.


by Carolin Philipps

Published by Ueberreuter

The archipelago of Tuvalu lies in the middle of the South Pacific. It’s also home to 15-year-old Tahnee and her family, who live off the fish they catch in the lagoon and the coconuts that grow in front of their house. But now their life on the island is threatened. Every year from November to April, typhoons sweep across the sea, creating huge and devastating waves that destroy houses and make the earth salty and unfertile. One day, Tahnee’s father decides they should all emigrate. Tahnee, however, would rather stay.

An exciting novel with an environmental theme!


by Suza Kolb

Published by Knesebeck

A journey through time to the year 1983, when the Berlin Wall was still standing.

In the summer of 1983, 13-year-old Luisa from West Berlin spent two weeks of her holidays with relatives in East Germany. She quickly strikes up a friendship with boy-next-door Uwe, who is a keen fan of Western music. However, his twin sister Marietta, a staunch supporter of the East German government, is far from happy to see them become such good friends. Luisa discovers that life in the GDR is quite different from the way she saw it on previous visits and that sharing your thoughts with friends, or even members of your own family, can be dangerous …

SEAGLOW (Trilogy)

by Anna Fleck

Published by Coppenrath

A little storm surge … Ella is determined not to let anything spoil her Cornish holiday in Granny’s cottage. But when she saves what she thinks is a surfer from drowning, suddenly nothing in her life is like it was before. The mysterious Aris comes from another, mythical world – at the bottom of the ocean. Ella throws herself into an adventure full of wonder and terror. And it isn’t just her heart that finds itself in terrible danger …

In her brilliant debut, Anna Fleck whisks the reader from one tense scene to the next, creating an enchanting underwater epic with a refreshingly disrespectful heroine. Once you dive in, you won’t want to come up for air! 

“Seaglow is the magical first book of a trilogy about love, trust and friendship in an enchanting world. It is profoundly compelling and also incredibly entertaining!” (Blog Jugendbuch-Couch) 

Film rights sold!


by Janna Ruth

Published by Moon Notes, Oetinger

Experiment with the future: a page-turning thriller about the power of memories

Mika regularly donates his memories to the NEURO Institute. Why? Because it pays well. Moreover, it helps to treat people with depression, because his memories are implanted into the sufferers. But then Lynn appears in his life. She knows everything about him, and Mika wishes that he could remember her. When something else happens which makes him keen not to erase the past, he tries to recall his memories – and comes dangerously close to uncovering the secrets of the NEURO Institute …

Accomplished futuristic fiction for romantics

Edge-of-the-seat thought experiments: who are we, if we have no memories?


by Nena Tramountani

Published by Moon Notes, Oetinger

After the sudden death of her beloved father, 18-year-old Giuiletta travels to Venice. She stays in her uncle’s hotel, where her father is said to have had an accident – and quickly becomes aware that something is amiss: the 22 hotel guests on the first floor are actually figures from a magic tarot card set. They had spent years trapped in their respective cards; now they are at large. One of them is the good-looking actor Malvolio, with whom Giulietta soon falls in love. But which role is the mysterious Malvolio really playing?Inescapable love, magic Tarot cards, and an ancient family story.


by Anne Hoffmann

Published by Magellan

The A levels: the foundation of the rest of her life – or so Elisa has been told time and time again. While her friends seem to deal with the pressure quite alright, Elisa feels more and more off. It’s not normal to lay awake most nights, feel power-less, and suffer from bouts of panic when faced with even the simplest of assignments, is it? Still, as long as Elisa is able to cover it up, it can’t be that bad. Then Leo walks in on her having a panic attack at school. To keep her secret, she invents a lie. That should do the trick, right? Well, if only she could get Leo out of her head again. It’s not like her life isn’t complicated enough already …

Taken from real life: the emphatic story of a young woman caught in a downward spiral of pressure to perform and mental health issues that go unheeded.