picture books


by Gundi Herget and Laura Bednarski

Published by Magellan

Night monkey Notte has one burning question: How do humans sleep? When her dad has no answer, Notte sets out to question the other animals of the zoo. While they don’t know either, they each show Notte their way, but she just can’t imagine humans sleeping like any of them. Will someone be able to give her the answer she seeks? 

An atmospheric good night story about the sleeping habits of animals and a humorous take on our own. 


by Sabine Praml and Paul Nicholls

Published by Magellan

All the animals enjoy splashing in the water, but one day the water in their pond is gone? What to do without water? Everybody needs it! The animals are trying to investigate and soon come across a water thief!

Funny and thought provoking story with illustrations by internationally successful illustrator Paul Nicholls.


by Julia Christians and Stefanie Taschinski

Published by Oetinger

All the animals on the farm have a story to tell – don’t they? Well, the beautiful goose, the clever dog and the brave sheep do. But the donkey can’t think of anything at all exciting to tell anyone. And so he sets off from the farm one morning and ventures out into the big, wide world. He soon encounters other animals: the swan, the owl and the bear. And the donkey suddenly realises that he has stumbled into a real adventure. “Hee-haw!” Should the donkey return to the farm and tell his friends all about his amazing experiences? 

A fable which encourages children to be adventurous: will appeal to parents, too.


by Anna Böhm and Tim Warnes

Published by Oetinger

Kitten Nora is not having a good day today. One tantrum follows the other. And worst of all, no one understands her. Everyone just wants Nora to be sweet again. Pah! Fortunately, the kind old dog Lollo is in the garden. And he always understands. Nora roars and tramples her anger out of her body. And then she tells Lollo what’s on her mind. That makes her feel much better! 

Everyone gets angry sometimes, and that’s a good thing. And when the anger is gone again, everyone can laugh together.

Internationally successful illustrator!


by Bernhard Höcker, Eva von Mühlenfels and Nikolai Renger

Published by Thienemann-Esslinger

Suddenly there it is, booop, a noise. But booop does not know to whom or what it belongs. What goes BOOOP? A drop dripping into water – no, that goes PLOP. A driving car – no, that goes VROOM. Leaves in the forest – no, that goes RUSTLE. The little noise goes on a search, booop must belong somewhere… Bernhard Hoecker, a well-known comedian and actor, tells together with his wife a surprising, onomatopoeic and emotional story for children from three years old – a true discovery!


by Daniela Kulot

Published by Thienemann-Esslinger

The fox is slinking through the snow-covered countryside. His tummy is rumbling and he would like something to eat. But the winter will not give anything up easily… It is the same for the raven and the mouse. Until they find out that you can manage better together than alone. 

Daniela Kulot’s grandiose illustrations are a unique declaration of love to the winter, with its clear colours, sharp cold and the crunching of snow.


by Kai Lüftner and Wiebke Rauers

Published by Coppenrath

Whenever Fartypops tries to spit fire, there is a great rattling, tooting and parping. It’s especially annoying when he’s trying to keep up with the other dragons. Fartypops tries everything to tease a little flame from his throat. But finally he comes up with a very different solution – and amazes everyone. A superb rhyming dragon adventure by Kai Lüftner, with fantastic illustrations by Wiebke Rauers that will have you laughing, farting and reading again and again!

Incredible 130,000 copies sold!

For six months in the top 10 of the German picture book bestsellers!


by Marc-Uwe Kling and Astrid Henn

Published by Carlsen

More than 20 foreign publishers have come up with creative translations of the many wordplays in the German original – in that respect, this second volume is no less challenging to translate and/or re-tell. But the reward is another brisk-selling, witty, lovable book – always at eye level with its target audience as well as lots of fun for those reading aloud.  Bonus: an optional insert with a fun game!


by Sandra Niebuhr-Siebert and Lars Baus

Published by Carlsen

Whether it’s the first day in kindergarten, an upcoming move to another city, or any other type of new beginning: everything feels a little strange at first. 

And sometimes the new world is even a little cold and grey. But soon the new world becomes more familiar and transforms itself into something warm and colourful. 

Poetic book that gives children confidence.Accompanies children in processing new impressions. 


by Andreas Greve and Lena Winkel

Published by Annette Betz, Ueberreuter

Who will fall asleep first? It’s time for the friends Kolo the Wolf and Kulms the Bat to go to bed. As soon as his head hits the pillow, Kolo is fast asleep. That leaves little Kulms feeling lonely and bored. “Are you asleep yet?”, she asks. Kolo doesn’t respond. Kulms pinches his nose. Still no response. Then she nudges him in the side. That wakes Kolo up. But very soon, it’s all quiet

again. Totally quiet. Now it’s Kolo’s turn to whisper, “Are you asleep yet…?”

A bedtime story that will bring a smile to the faces of readers and listeners of all ages.