fiction 10+

WILLOW (2 books)

by Sabine Bohlmann and Simona Ceccarelli

Published by Thienemann-Esslinger

What can Willow possibly do with a forest? She has inherited one from her aunt Alwina. And not only that – her aunt has also left Willow a crooked little house and especially: her witch’s power. But does Willow really want to accept this inheritance with all it entails? And then she is also supposed to find three girls who also carry the gift of sorcery within them. But where? And especially, how? Luckily Willow is not alone, because Rufus the fox stays steadfastly by her side.

Over 70,000 copies sold of  Vol. 1!


by Esther Kuhn

Published by Magellan

Magic ads? When a couple of schoolmates recruit Tobi for their crew, it all sounds too good to be true: uploading old toys to an online marketplace, selling them, and buying real magical tools instead. Tools like invisibility hats and magic quills that could make some of Tobi’s problems vanish into thin air. But the whole thing has a catch: the tools are secondhand and have a will of their own. And then there are the Pirates, a rival crew out to steal any magical object they can get their hands on – and they are closing in on Tobi’s crew … 

A magical adventure full of original and fantastic concepts, friendship, and a dash of humour. 


by Ruth Rahlff

Published by Magellan

Amanda seems to be the only one who cares that the town becomes more and more littered. However, she has a lot on her plate already: a little sister who’s quite a nuisance, best friends who rather spend time with the mean new guy, and ever since she fell into a strange liquid at her parents’ junk yard, she’s discovering weird new abilities. Like the one that lets her speak to her self-made scrap figurines that have suddenly come to life. When things are spiralling out of control, Amanda is the one standing between the destruction of their town and the phantom menace brooding beneath … 

An unusual superheroine combatting a real issue personified: excessive waste production and pollution. 

ALEA AQUARIUS (7 titles)

by Tanya Stewner and Claudia Carls

Published by Oetinger

Oetinger’s best-selling Alea Aquarius series is an exciting ecological fantasy adventure. The books deal with themes of self-discovery, identity, romance and friendship which is appealing to a wide readership, especially to girls. The writing is direct and lyrical but also dramatic and intriguing. 

The explicit ecological message gives Alea Aquarius greater weight and resonance than conventional fantasy novels. The link drawn between environmental issues and health is prescient and thought-provoking. The protection of the oceans has absolutely top priority in Alea’s world. 

The Alea Aquarius series has a devoted and highly active fan base. A wide range of merchandise is also associated with the series: audio books, CDs (music co-written by Tanya Stewner and her husband), and stationery products including pens, stickers, ribbons and notepads, and teaching materials. 

Over 600,000 copies sold.English language film and tv series in production. 

RULANTICA (2 books)

by Anna Fleck

Published by Coppenrath

Aquina the mermaid has always felt different to the other merpeople of Rulantica. Not long after her twelfth birthday, she learns something incredible: she has a twin brother. Mats is a human boy! And right now, he’s in great danger. There is no holding Aquina back, she has to find her true family before it’s too late. Mats has grown up in an orphanage, since he was found on the beach as a baby. He’s always been afraid of the sea and the water. But he has no idea that he’s about to dive headlong into the greatest adventure of his life! When Mats and Aquina meet, they fulfil a centuries-old prophecy by the Nordic gods – and it can mean either the salvation or the end of the whole island world of Rulantica…

Over 70,000 copies sold!


by Rebecca Elbs and Julia Christians

Published by Carlsen

It starts with a dream: to win the reading-aloud contest, whose winner gets a skateboard. Then things get difficult: Leo, who wants nothing as much as he wants this skateboard, is really bad at reading out loud. The great thing for the readers of this book: between the beginning and the end of the story there are lots of adventures with oddball characters, and the development of a friendship is portrayed in depth.