U-NO-CORN and other stories by bestselling author Marc-Uwe Kling

The new picture book by Marc-Uwe Kling, illustrated by Astrid Henn!

Everyone in the Hearty Forrest is overwhelmed with joy when a cute little unicorn sees the light of day. But this unicorn is unlike any other. As cute as it may look, it doesn’t behave like the fairy tale creature it is supposed to be. “NO” is its favorite word – and all the efforts feeding it with sweet four leafed clovers and cuddling it are repaid with a grumpy “NO!”. So it is no surprise that one day the unicorn wants to break free of this cotton candy world to have its own adventures. On its journey it meets a racoon who never listens, a dog who doesn’t care at all and a spiteful princess. And what a wonderful team they make. Because being stubborn is much more fun together!

We have sold over 1/2 a million copies in Germany and the rights to over 10 countries! And – drumroll please – it is the No 1 of the German picture books bestseller list:

And the success of his kids books doesn’t stop here. Another brilliant story for kids aged 5+ has made it into the Top Ten Kids Books in Germany as well:

THE DAY GRANNY BROKE THE INTERNET by Marc-Uwe Kling and Astrid Henn

Tiffany, Max and Luisa are enjoying their holidays at home when Granny breaks the Internet – only by accident, she emphasises. Suddenly, everything changes: no more music for Luisa, no more messaging for Max, no more animal documentaries for Grandpa and no more work for Mum and Dad. This book is a hilarious reflection on family life and our dependence on the Internet.
The Day Granny Broke the Internet casts a glance at modern life from the perspectives of different generations. Little Tiffany, for example, does not know what the Internet is, so her Granny compares it to Teletext; Max thinks that Granny doesn’t have a clue and likens it to a pinboard where you can post messages, photos and stories. At the end of the day, however, an IT specialist comes to fix the family’s connection, and everything goes back to normal – only Tiffany is a bit sad and tries to convince Granny to do it again… There will be a second title about Grandad having a battle with the kettle in 2021.

‘Great fun for children aged eight and above – and grown-ups… light-footed and funny…a perfect book – not just for when the internet is down!’ Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Please check out this short animated video of the book as well:

We have an English translation and this title has also been selected by the British magazine ‘New Books in German’ as one of the top titles from Germany.

Please do get in touch for further details!

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