board books

MOUSIE MOUSE – 4 titles

by Martina Badstuber

published by Magellan

Mousie Mouse has a lot to do! On Monday, they get dressed up; on Tuesday, they go shopping; on Wednesday, they go for a walk. And in the morning, they eat two slices of toast; at noon, they play with six paper planes; and in the evening, they count nine stars. And the next day, they have to pick strawberries in the garden, look for treasures in the attic, and bake cakes in the kitchen. And in spring, they enjoy the flowers; in summer, they go to the beach; in autumn, they fly a kite; and in winter, they go sledging. On these colourful spreads, there’s a lot to discover! 

A series of board books supporting language learning and counting practice in a playful way. 

TIMMY TIGER – 4 titles

by Caroline Opheys, Nicola Anker and Kathrin Lena Orso

published by Oetinger

At last: Timmy doesn’t need those pesky nappies any more. He’s now all grown up and can use the potty on his own. But what’s going on? Why can’t he do even the tiniest wee? Timmy Tiger can’t understand it, and asks his friends for advice. They, of course, come up with a brilliant idea. Timmy makes himself a nice cosy ’potty corner’ in the bathroom. And guess what? Weeing isn’t a problem any more. Who’d have thought it could be so easy! 

Goodbye nappies – but it’s not always quite so straightforward! 

Features a character whom girls and boys alike will find relatable 


by Emilia Dziubak

published by Nasza Księgarnia

Welcome to the forest! Today you’ll meet Badger. You’ll learn when he sleeps and what he eats, what his habits are and what he likes doing. You’ll wake him up, clean his fur and help him tidy up and find food.

The books in the Year in the Forest series nurture the youngest readers’ awareness of forest animals, inspire children’s imaginations, and develop their skills of perception and logical thinking.

Based on the successful picture book A Year in the Forest


by Sandy Lohß and Kathrin Lena Orso

Published by Oetinger

Even the baby animals in the forest have to go to sleep. But before they do, they have to make themselves comfy in their own particular ways. The little mouse builds a den; the baby fox has to jump on his bed just one last time; and the little owl has to carry on reading. With its catchy rhymes, this picture book encourages little ones to develop a good bedtime routine. A particular highlight is Sandy Lohß’s outstanding illustrations, which give the book a distinctive modern look. 


by Tessa Rath

Published by Magellan

No way! The knight has stolen a golden dragon egg! Frieda and Oskar want to bring it back home, so they embark on a magical journey through six fantastic worlds full of dwarves, elves, pi-rates, mermaids, ice people, and dragons! Their adventure is told on a spread in the back of the book while the detailed illustrations on each page invite big and small explorers to discover something new with each reading. 

A splendid hidden picture book in a large format featuring some of children’s most beloved theme worlds. 

Follow on to the successful title Hidden Fairytales.