by Dieter Braun

Published by Knesebeck

Dieter Braun takes a refreshing look at life below the sea as seen through a magnifying glass. His expressive illustrations take young readers on a tour through the depths of the oceans, with scary sharks, majestic whales and friendly dolphins, giant octopuses, sea turtles, crabs or sea horses and all the things just waiting to be discovered on beaches. 

Readers can also find out more about the different professions around everything ocean, marine sports, discover famous lighthouses and learn about weather phenomena. 

Further title: The World of Mountains which has been recommended as One of the most Beautiful Books in Germany.


by Jakob Winkler

Published by Knesebeck

Mineral oil explained for children in a hidden picture book. ‘How do we want to live?’ is the most pressing question of our age. In the days of pandemics and climate change, this book aims to depict urgently necessary future utopias and thus paint a picture of a future in a world that will still be worth living in. Illustrator Jakob Winkler examines how we handle mineral oil and what a world without massive oil consumption could look like. Protagonist Fatima takes readers old and young on a fascinating journey into the past and into a future without oil.

This large-format book examines the subject of mineral oil from all sides while offering a positive perspective for the future

Shampoos, contact lenses or mobile phones – the book shows what everyday objects contain mineral oil and raises awareness of the problems

An abstract and important topic, explained for the first time in a picture book, entertainingly and in a manner suitable for children


by Linda Becker, Julian Wenzel, Birgit Jansen

Published by migo, Oetinger

What is bi, lesbian or gay? What does trans really mean? How is it different from doing drag? This can all be a bit emotionally overwhelming, especially if you’re not (yet) sure about your own gender identity. 

“What’s all this LGBTIQ* Stuff About?” is a guide for all children and young people who want to know more about the many diverse forms that gender identity can take. It isn’t a dry textbook, though: it is jokey and entertaining and exactly on a level with young readers on their thrilling journey into the unknown world of growing up. This book explains all the various terms, and also offers support when it comes to such things as harassment. 


by Sandra Grimm and Lena Ellermann

Published by Carlsen

Everywhere, people occasionally argue, siblings argue, friends argue, parents argue, parents and children argue, neighbours argue … Arguing is completely normal. But that still doesn’t mean that it’s fun to argue. Why do people argue? What do we argue about? What does it feel like to argue? When is arguing not acceptable? Is there a right or wrong way to argue? And how can people make up again? Because honestly, the best thing about arguing is making up again!


by Maren Hasenjäger

Published by Magellan

Somewhere, in the vastness of our universe, hovers a small blue dot. This blue dot is actually a planet called Earth, which is surrounded by many other impressive planets. Did you know Saturn has not one but 82 moons? Or that the tallest volcano in our solar system is on Mars? Or that summer lasts for 42 years on Uranus? Earth feels a little, well, blue. Not the hottest, nor the biggest, nor the farthest from the sun – is there anything that makes Earth special and unique, too?

An exciting journey through our solar system highlighting each planet.


by Kristina Scharmacher-Schreiber, Chistine Faust

Published by Magellan

In the vast ocean, there live the little sperm whale and its mother. There’s always so much to see and to learn: communicating with the other whales, swimming with dolphins, and finding out where the whale bulls go when they are all grown up. To do so, the little sperm whale embarks on an exciting journey. 

A lovingly illustrated non-fiction picture book that gives an understanding of the importance of protecting the ocean and its inhabitants. 

Follow up to The Little Orang-Utan

LIFE SIZED (3 titles)

by Holger Haag, Raimund Frey-Spieker, Manfred Rohbeck and Lars Baus

Published by Coppenrath

Most animals are shy and hide away from people. But in this book, they look at us. In the eye, close up, head-on. First class illustrations depict 15 animals, as big as they really are. Life-size!

Further titles: Dinosaurs, Woodland AnimalsNext titles: Animals in the Ocean


by Emilia Dziubak

Published by Nasza Księgarnia

Wild boar, wolves, pheasants, a bear cub, ants, a woodpecker, foxes, a badger, grass snakes, frogs, an elk and many other creatures live in the forest. How do they play and rest? Who sleeps in the day, and who sleeps at night? Who likes whom? What are their favourite treats? Look for answers across the pages of this remarkable book. 

It’s perfectly possible to browse through A Year in the Forest for hours on end. This remarkable book stimulates the imagination and develops skills of perception and logical thinking. It also builds storytelling skills and the ability to identify cause and effect. Above all, it guarantees great fun. 

Further titles available in the series: Market, Kindergarten, Castle, City, Farm, Mountains, Wonderland, Building Site.


by Artur Nowicki

Published by Nasza Księgarnia

Have you ever wondered how many things are hidden inside different vehicles, for example an ambulance, a broadcast vehicle, a rescue pontoon, a roadside assistance truck or an airplane? This picture book is brimming with detail and presents fourteen different vehicles and the things you can find inside them. Did you know that a fire engine carries a few thousand litres of water for extinguishing fires, a police vehicle carries a caltrop, a mountain rescue helicopter has an avalanche backpack and a sailboat carries a fog horn? A dustbin lorry carries not just rubbish collected from rubbish containers, but also a lot of different equipment. When something breaks down, you can call a repair service – when it arrives, the van is filled with all sorts of tools. And a camper van is a house on wheels – it has so many things you’ll need when you go camping! There are also bookshops and restaurants on wheels.  You really need to fill up a book truck or a food truck in order to sell books or to prepare and serve food. You can browse this book for hours and discover more and more details.


by Nikola Kucharska

Published by Nasza Księgarnia

The greatest deposits of funnyrock, a dragon kind of delicacy, can be found close to the Earth’s core.


A dragon can lick its own elbow.


This amazing book contains lots of facts an even more rumours about dragons, their habits and life. Find out who invented the codswallop number, who dragons play bingo with and what they are taught at school.

Next title: Facts and Rumours about Cosmic Pirates


by Jola Richter-Magnuszewska and Joanna Wajs

Published by Nasza Księgarnia

This magical, mysterious book presents more than fifty animals and their role in myths, and legends. The traditional stories from around the world show their importance to human and divine lives and immerses the reader into the bewildering world of folk tales. The imagination of ancient peoples was largely populated by animals – close as a mother and father and, at the same time, as mysterious as fire, ocean and lightning. They taught people compassion, courage and justice, and also respect for every living being. Under the impermeable cloak of myth and fairy tale, they bridged the heavens and the earth and passed on the truth about the shared fate of all beings, about the changing of the seasons, as well as about joy and pain, life and death.