Are you afraid of spiders?

Are you afraid of spiders? Or do you love them? Anyhow, this is your book. Funny, with great illustrations, some action and many facts about the world of spiders!

“Argggg, a Spider!” by Nina Dulleck

You’ve heard someone shriek like that before, haven’t you? Spiders can be found in all kinds of places, you see, and they come in many different shapes and colours. But what do you do when you find one of these little creatures in your home and really don’t need any creepy-crawly housemates? No spider-disappearing machine handy? Never mind! In addition to all kinds of fascinating and amusing facts about spiders, this book also lets you in on the ultimate spider-(phobia)-banishing trick!

A brilliant and funny picture book by Nina Dulleck, published by Oetinger Verlag. Please do get in touch for further details!

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