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Important topic – Dementia

More and more people all over the world have Dementia – in Germany alone more than 1.4 million people are living with Alzheimer’s, worldwide at least 44 million. It is not just themselves who have to cope with it – their children and grandchildren may struggle to understand what is happening and how to help or make the best out of the situation. Two of the publishers I represent have noticed the importance of this topic and here are their two books which might make it easier for young children to realise what is happening to their beloved parents/grandparents.

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THE WORDS ARE FLYING (Nilpferd Verlag)

An inimitable sensitive picture book story told by Jutta Treiber, with gorgeously delicate illustrations by Nanna Prieler. The words fly – first from Grandma to Pia. The bigger Pia gets, the more words have come to her. But over time, Grandma can’t remember all the words and their meaning. Can they return to her? With astonishing cleverness, getting older and forgetting are woven into a narrative that enchants with truthfulness, hope, poetry and un unexpected perspective!


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Dementia seen through the eyes of a child and told in an endearing story by Uticha Marmon. 8-year-old Mia lives in Hamburg. When an apartment becomes vacant on one of the lower floors, her parents decide that Mia’s great grandfather, who suffers increasingly from old-age dementia, shall move in, so that they can be near him. Mia loves her ‘Granpapa’ and doesn’t think it’s terrible at all that he’s getting more and more forgetful. Now, indeed, she will be able to remind him how to tie his shoes and that he shouldn’t clean his teeth with hand cream. But Granpapa is not alone – a mysterious boy, who seems to be a bit old-fashioned, keeps cropping up. Soon Mia understands: Berti ist Granpapa’s younger self, that has somehow got off the lead in Granpapa’s life and is now causing all this confusion … A truly unusual and wonderful title!

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