Happy Nikolaustag!

Tomorrow is the 6th of December or NIKOLAUS TAG as we called it in Germany. It is a very nice tradition where children clean their shoes and put one of them outside their room the evening before. If they have been good all year they get a nice little present and some chocolate in their shoe the next morning. In the evening of the 6th in some region you then go from house to house singing Christmas Carols and look at the beautiful Christmas lights and decorations in the windows. It is a nice tradition and very exciting for the little ones. On this occasion I would like to present to you some of Magellan’s Christmas highlights:

Taube_Wo sind die Geschenke cover


A beautiful large format board book with flaps on every page. Santa is ready to go on his big trip on Christmas, but where are all the presents? Help Santa to find them behind doors, furniture or paper wrap. The book has ten spreads and has wonderful illustrations by Vera Schmidt.

Volk_Emil cover


This is a beautiful illustrated festive Christmas story about Emil who sees a light which he thinks must belong to Santa. He is following the light to meet Santa and collect all of his friends on the way. The picture book has 32 pages.

Loebner_Mittsommer Weihnacht cover


Pina¹s birthday is on Christmas. The past few years she never got to have a birthday party, but this year she is determined that she will have one. But then the church with its nativity play is crossing her plans. Will Pina find a solution to celebrate her Christmas this year? A great first reader book with short chapters and adorable characters. Pina is plotting together with her grandfather which is absolutely hilarious. An inspiration for every child which has its birthday around the festive holidays. There are hardly any German specific traditions or notes in there and the few ones there are can be easily changed or removed without losing the meaning of the story. The text is broken up by some beautiful full colour illustrations.

Haas_Weihnachtsesel cover


A funny story about Mira who desperately wants to get a TV for Christmas, but she is not allowed, so she decided to make some money to buy it herself. The next morning in the paper her father reads that the donkey from the local Christmas fair has gone missing and there is a reward of 150 Euro for the person who finds it. Mira sees her chance and goes on an adventure to find the lost donkey. There are black and white illustrations as well.

I wish you a lovely NIKOLAUS weekend and please let me know if you are interested in further details.

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