Carlsen have just published this new hot topic title and are already reprinting!!

SAY NO TO PLASTIC! by Dela Kienle and illustrated by Horst Hellmeier
I loved this book! It’s very interesting and you find out why the use of plastic has increased over the last 50 years, where it’s coming from and what it is, the different kinds of plastics and what you can do to reduce the use of plastic. I found it incredibly interesting to learn about the history of plastics and that in the early 20th century it was regarded as a magical substance which is versatile! Of course this image changed over the last centuries and there is an urgency to reduce the use of plastic. This books gives the children all the valuable information they need to make a change. It’s kids who are already aware of the world wide environmental perils of plastic. That’s why they will appreciate the non-preachy tone of this book and welcome the recommendations, information & helpful briefings.

Plastic – Curse or wonder. Where do we use plastic? What is plastic? Bio Plastic – good or evil? How long does it take for plastic to decompose? How does plastic end up in the sea? How to recycle?

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