Rico and Oscar

A fantastic middle grade series by Andreas Steinhoefel, illustrated by Peter Schoessow.

Rico and Oscar

Rico lives with his mother in Berlin and describes himself as »lowly gifted«. When he meets the highly gifted Oskar the two unlikely friends haven’t an inkling that they will soon play major parts in a kidnapping case. During the search for the victim, Rico turns out to be quite a shrewd investigator!

There are three titles in the series and we got a huge fan who sent in a video telling you why you have to buy this book: Link (in English)


CORINE Jugendbuchpreis 2008: “A wonderful book about friendship, which has the clever-naïve congeniality of Forrest Gump, as well as the magic of Kästner’s, Emil und die Detektive.”

Erich-Kästner-Preis for Literature 2009:
“[An author] whose numerous children’s and young adult’s titles, as well as his authorial résumé, has affinities to Erich Kästner’s works,” (from the statement of the jury).

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